To xirotero kai to pio spastiko einai otan o anthropos exei kolimata!
xristiane mou pes auto pou theleis, xestika! den me niazei katholou an eisai thimomenos, oti kai na mou peis, siga na min to paro prosopika! Kai ta kolimata sou allou, ego auta pou thelo na po ta leo, den tha katso na skaso epidi esi niotheis avola.. k an theleis na malosis kapoion, malose emena, olo to fteksimo diko mou I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!
It's so fucking irretating when random people think then can play with your life, especially when they are the ones with a problem. Shit happens, get over yourslef. people do talk (surpriced?) and in the end everybody knows -.- how retarded can a person be, to think that he can keep such a secret?
And to be honest you couldn't mean less to me and I really hope that I don't even meet you this summer, don't wanna waste my time, not even to say "hey everything is gonna be fine" to you. The most pathetic thing is that you think that your oppinion matters because guess what, it doesn't, so keep yourself out my life, even if you are friends with people I know..sorry but a sickness isn't something to be embaressed of! opote an exeis auta ta kolimata kai les malakies, varethika na asxoloume!
Be happy that I even wrote this note just for you, you are a fucked up man remember that!
Aand if you wanna comment this post or answer in some way don't because I do not want to have anything to do with you! Talk behind my back instead, I know you love that!

(´nai einai alithia eimai ligo thimomeni, alla tora pou olokliro katevato gia to thema niotho kalitera :P )


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